About Us - The Little Bears
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About Us

The Little Bears Nursery is your local private day nursery in Hatfield Peverel. We welcome children from 2 years of age, offering full and sessional care.

At The Little Bears Nursery, we strive to create a “Family Feel” atmosphere. Children learn best when they are happy and healthy, and we aim to ensure while in our care, your child will be in a safe, stimulating and engaging environment.

We aim to provide opportunities for children to use their imagination to create their own learning experiences as well as involving children in structured adult-led tasks teaching them the vital skills they need. We are committed to ensuring your child’s individual needs are met through our individualised planning and treating each child as a unique individual.

One of our main goals are to have your child school-ready by the end of there time at The Little Bears Nursery.

With the nursery manager being a fully qualified teacher of the early years’ foundation stage to lead the way. 

Our policies and procedures are based around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 

It is proven that children learn best through play and we believe we have created an enriching environment for children to explore. We follow the EYFS framework which underpins everything we do. We ensure children are given opportunities in the seven areas of learning and place an emphasis on the three prime areas. 

Prime areas: Physical development. Personal, social and emotional development. Communication and language.

Other areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world, Expressive arts and design.